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Thursday, April 12

goodbye, hello

so i bid adieu to Sykes, me home for over a year. gone are the days when i sleep under my station beside the cpu, dreaming of a far away land where i am king of cool as the processor fan hums it sweet buzz to my ears. i miss the freakin' place. the building, the elevator, the panel doors, everything. but ultimately what i really do miss, is the people.

people that i hate, people that i love. and the people that i dont give a f*ck about.

i've stayed with them for this long. and now it's time to disappear. i leave an enigma.

of course as with the closing of doors you also open new ones. i like what's on the other side. finally a job that suits me. web copywriter for now, marketing tycoon in the future. as i look at the horizon i shall never forget the adventures that i had along the way. experience is the greatest teacher. i have learned well. all the words of the wise we read will only make real sense once you've experienced it.

so on with the adventures i say. keep 'em coming. as i am confident in the victory, everyday is WAR.



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