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Wednesday, April 18

What is Web Marketing?


Basically, it is a component of E-Commerce >read: the buying or selling of good and services thru the Net. Fact is, there are 1,018,057,389 internet users around the globe and certainly that figure continues to arise. With this information, corporate eyes now target the www as new ground to establish their enterprise.

The market now is on-line and your store is your Website. Of course, as with any business venture, you would want your site to become popular and attract as many customers as possible and generate sales to the moon and back. Not only that, you would also want your site to estabish credibility in the internet community so that business will become stable and dependable. Simple as it may read you'd think money making has never been this easier, problem is, among the figures shown above, among the billions of users surfing the www, you're not the only one on the prowl.


If the store is your website then the Searh Engine is the mall. We all have used Google or Yahoo to search about everything. Books, tshirts, hotel accomodations, cars, music, everything. From rocking chairs to rockets. there's no need to empasize on extensiveness.

Now let's say you own a book store and you have a website for online purchases. Now, a particular browser is looking for books by Mitch Albom and does a search on google. The potential customer types "Mitch Albom books" on the search field, guess how many results came about, 1,060,000. One of those sites containg the search keywords is yours, the question is, what are the chances of that visitor to click your site and possibly do a purchase? Yes, i heard you.


It is a fact that web users usually visit those sites that are listed at least within the top 5 of the search results, which means you've got to get into the that list. That's what we call Page Ranking. And yes, websites wage war just to be on top. How do you it? You use creatives.

  • Content is King - your site interface should contain strategically constructed words and phrases plain and simple yet effective.
  • Visuals - adds aesthetic value to the website not to mention popularity
  • Links - a certain website would not need charades for publicity, all it needs are affiliates that will directly or indirectly promote your site
  • Keyword Rich in HTML - make sure that you add semantically-related keywords in HTML as individuals differ in keyword usage
It may easy to rank in search engines but believe me, there is more to what the eye can see. Many companies tried to market their website on their own but only availed little success. Again there is war out there, you will need professional help. SEO specialists (search engine optimization), Web Copywriters, Web Designers, Programmers are all hired by successful website owners.


Although Search Engine Marketing is relevantly new in the Philippines, it is certain that this industry will be the next big thing in marketing in no time. As businesses turn to the internet to expand their brands and services it is better gain knowledge in the optimization of search engines now. Feel free to contact the author about any inquiries about Web Marketing.



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