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Tuesday, April 24

Under Pressure

Two Saturdays ago, I was just snorkeling the reefs of Puerto Galera. The Tuesday after that, I was snorkeling the abyss of deadlines, 500-word articles and fake identity. "Snap back to reality oh there goes gravity"... word. It's stress week at the office.

To top the burden list, big boss Marc gave us a side project. We were assigned to come up with a company brochure to be disseminated in an upcoming job fair somewhere sometime. Fairly easy I thought, if writing about vehicle exhaust systems won't sharpen your writing mind I don't know what else will. Anyways we had a brainstorming session with our group of copywriters and for the first 30 minutes we came up of taglines only geniuses can come up with. Taglines like "got beef?", "break on through to the other side" and "I.T. is good, all the time" came out like exorcised demons. Dammit, purol na mga utak.

Again that was a side project, a side dish. For the main course a delectable set of keywords are waiting for me to magnify their existence thru 500 words of whimsical copywriting. How am I suppose to write a 500-word wikipedia type article about automobile floor mats? Floor Mats. What is your profession? Tonight I dine in hell.

Psst don't tell. I am Josh Kellerman from Detroit, Michigan. I blog about custom ridez and pimped out bling bling automobilez in the hiphop community. So fresh so clean baby. I holla at my boyz and ladiez and feature chromed out wheels and hyper white lights and ultaviolet lenz. I know Snoop D-O-double G and I call Dwayne Wade my boy. My ebonics suck.

It was a stressful week. Fine by me really, I have to get used to writing, even if it clogs my veins from blood flow. Writing is a skill and in order for me to hone mine is to just write, write, write. I know I wasn't born Alighieri.

Well today is a new week. Deadlines were met and articles were written. Big boss chose our brochure (we finally got a sensible tagline) and Josh Kellerman still is fly. There's more struggles to come and I welcome them with open arms. Okay, not with open arms but hey they're welcome.



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