t Half the World Away: TREASON: She must be Robotic!!!

Thursday, May 3

TREASON: She must be Robotic!!!

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it... and when you do your eyes turn all white and your pupil starts to squirt corpuscle fluid. Let me post what I previously wrote here --> "I have to get used to writing, even if it clogs my veins from blood flow". My blood still is flowing but they come out of my eyes as tears.

Yes I am overreacting but seriously writing can get really stressful. Before you get your fingers do their dance on the keyboard, you have to like close your eyes, say a prayer and invoke the Nick Usborne in you. Now after staring at the ceiling for hours until they form arms and slap you in the face, you finally begin to write articles like you should be.

Its funny how some people just sit down in front of their computer and type the hours away. I mean c'mon its almost unfair, here I am stretching and yawning every two paragraphs I bat out and there she is smiling the Mona Lisa while rhythmically making keyboard noise. R U a freakin' robot dear? Hmmm.. may be she is a robot, maybe she transforms herself to a laptop and the keys just begin to type by themselves! Or better yet she can be a mutant!

Anyway, the girl I'm talking about is very talented, she's a literary major in La Salle so I'll make her an exemption. But as far as I know, as with every other copywriters around me, we dance to the inaudible tune of The Beatles' Twist and Shout whenever we stumble upon the so-called writer's block. It's really hard people.

No parting words this time. See you soon.

Oh there she is again, smiling like she's the Neo of copywriters.. well let me tell you this I am the one! Arggg my eyes...



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