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Tuesday, May 8

I Live the Ultimate Life (again, not really)

So how's weekend? Oh you all watched Spidey 3 huh.. Depressing right? Yeah I already watched it on opening day. Well actually I was in San Juan Surf Resort in La Union for the weekend, you know surfin' and just kicking it slow. We grilled fresh seafood and drank booze just after getting out of the surf. Just another weekend I thought as I watched from my longboard the cool local surfers chillin' as the sun begins to set. I love my life.




Blogger Tj Cafuir said...

Okay here's the real deal. Well first of all Spider Man did suck. If Peter sported a Mohawk and wore a Pantera shirt instead of going the Killers I may have watched the whole movie with both of my eyes open.

Now in La Union. There was no waves to surf but we did get to rent a longboard. The local surfers watched in hilarity as I paddle the board like a toddler. Luke Landrigan ( who i consider one of the coolest people in the real world ) was there but I was too chicken to approach him. I'm like, hey Luke I'm cooler and I have a better life, just because you own a surf resort and your friends with all the coolest people doesn't mean you're better than me. Me and my angst. I did talk to him actually. “Chong san ba pwede bumili ng pulutan dito". "Ay dun sa resto sa labas". That was it. Great.

Here I am back at the office. Longboard replaced by the Keyboard. Hey at least I'm in my element.

To sum it all up, I fully recognize the adventurer in me. I want to visit the far away lands and discover what is out there. I guess that's what my spirit is. I have a good job, a girlfriend to love and be loved and friends of the same spirit. And although I may not be the coolest, Im happy with what I currently have. I live MY life. That's all that there is to it.

May 11, 2007 at 8:50 AM  

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