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Tuesday, May 15

As of the Sapping Moment...

Wheeewwsshh! Argg... It's been a week since I last posted a post (posted a post.. I will not edit this to show you how drained I am). As of this time I finished three type 1 wikipedia articles and a 260-word entry on a corporate blog. Accumulatively I typed over 1800 words in the span of 7 hours. Slow, you think? Hey I was like that the whole time last week. Not even? Ok then..."Smithers release the houndz". Ahehe he.

Anyway forgive me dear reader if may not be the Goodyear mascot that I am today. I feel just a little grumpy because tomorrow I'm bound for more work. So I'll be on blog vacation for now but hopefully I could squeeze in a two-liner post once in a while.

I'll be submitting a qualifying article tomorrow. If ever my article gets to be selected by the bosses, I'll be part of a special copywriters unit. So please kiss my coin before I throw it into the well. Until then, see you soon!



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