t Half the World Away: Twerp, It's 10pm

Wednesday, June 13

Twerp, It's 10pm

I've been here at the office for 14 hours now. 8am to 10pm. Well let's deduct about an hour and 30 minutes of lunch time and yosi breaks. And when I do smoke, I stare blankly at the cloudy skies while I puff the burdens of stress away.

Carry me comfty clouds, carry me away to distant lands where the trees sway ethereal by the gentle whisks of the wind.

A light, I see a blinding light at the end of the tunnel...

Hoyyyyy!!!! Oh sorry I dozed off.

Here comes the majestic moon illuminating the purple night. I trace the stars as flickering rubies reflect radiance in my eyes...

Hoyyyyy!!!! Oh sorry I dozed off.

Its now 10pm and I'm still here. In about 10 hours I'll be here again. Worse, It's gonna be the same blog post tomorrow. I'm stressed, I have tons of work blah blah blah. I bore myself.

Anyway I have to go home now. See you tomorrow.

Citylights streamline the empty streets as I clench my jacket. It's a windy night. Exactly how my beleaguered soul feels at this very moment...

Hoyyyyy!!!! Uwi na Tristan!



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