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Thursday, May 17

WTF comes out of the Yuppie mouth?

See I was given this herculean task to provide the content for our company's website. Me and my senior copywriter. Of course I put on my "A" game and took it SRSLY. After a few easy minutes I submitted my share of content for the "What we do" section. It was good. The copywriting gods may even have been delighted.

The project leader, the "Rising Internet Star" (search google for "the rising internet star") wanted me to do just a minor tweak on the content. "Make it more... a little yuppie".

Yuppie. I am a yuppie. My co-workers are yuppies. My drinking buds are yuppies. Jessica Alba's boobs are yuppies puppies yummies.

But how can I write a content using yuppie talk? If I use mine it'll be like, "We are a kick-ass company or "Dude your company sucks". "Yeah you know our company is like the best and yours is like really stupid and stuff".

I guess I've never been amidst the real yuppies, the ones that gulp cafe au lait and talk about the Ayalas and the Zobels. The ones that carry IBM Thinkpad laptops and drive Toyota Camrys. I've always admired them. I think they're vain, arrogant and self-centered. Exactly just like me. Only cheaper, way cheaper. I drink chilled Yakult, I talk about Capt. Jack Sparrow, I carry a terminal cellphone and I have great agility squishing myself against the MRT crowd. More of a yuckie than a yuppie.

But does this affluence really necessary in defining a person's growth and success? Shallow if you'll ask me, but then maybe it is. We live in a material world and we are a ma-material people. We survive on material things. It's ok to be material, just don't let it get the best of you.

Whatever the criteria is, it still is better to be yourself and show the world how wealthy you are, spirit and soul.

This entry is not a two-liner I suppose. Anyway it still is easy to sound "yuppie". It's always a good practice to resort to improvisation and creativity when writing a copy. And Heck. I'm the greatest web copywriter in the whole galaxy and I... am a yuppie.



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