t Half the World Away: Direct Hit

Tuesday, May 29

Direct Hit

Fallen On Deaf Ears

hear me out
trying to talk to you
it’s not getting any easier
settle down.
Can’t seem to get through to you
Tension builds, we begin to fall apart
I think we’re better off apart.
Waste time with violence
This love/hate relations…

Would you wait?
While I’m trying to explain
We’re fighting again
Can you hear me?

Everyday it’s the same old thing with you
We’ve bruised up
We fight, then we make up
This shit is tiring.
We’re out of line
Is this ever gonna stop?
When will it ever be enough?

Waste time with violence
This love/hate relations
Can’t we see through the obvious?
We’re breaking down…

You can take this love to go
I’ve had enough of you
Things aren’t working out

But bebe I believe in Us

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