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Tuesday, October 30

Google Power

Google is the shiznit. They can glorify and condemn all without repercussions. You wanna know why? Simple, they're Google and for me, currently, they are the Internet. Simmer down Web 2.0 folks. You'd hate me for saying this I know, but here's my stand. There will come a time when everyone of us will only need Google.


Web search service, is now the realm of Google. As of August this year, the $6.1 billion global search engine company is the most used search engine with a 53.6% market share. Now that's half of everything else. That's a lot of users.

What else? Oh, Google Mail, News, Video, Maps, Groups, Product Search (still on the beta stage), uhm what else.. there's a lot more. Oh okay, Google Earth wherein satellite powered mapping search can zoom in on your head's bald spot. Definitely not basic. And how about the social media sites that the company bought? YouTube, Blogger, Jaiku, Picasa and a whole lot of technologies are on the list.

Now let's talk about more outstanding stuff. With all those applications basking in popularity, there's something more Google wants. Basically, the aim is to kick Microsoft's ass off the software kingdom. There you go Mr. Gates.

"As Google rapidly rolls out new products, the company best known for its wildly popular search engine is muscling into the software giant's turf, including its stronghold: the computer desktop."

-The Associated Press

This was actually yesterday's news. Of course Google would eventually win this turf war. What has Microsoft given to us anyway? Microsoft Office and Windows Media player was all I ever needed. No doubt, Google can deliver better service. So it may happen soon. Sooner than we think.

Search engines are the core business of the industry I work for and as far as Google is concerned, they are the primary focal point. Many of us, especially the SEO experts, would continually find ways of working around the structure. But the thing is, Google is erratic in the most inexplicable way. So no matter how much we research, things can change as drastic as overnight. Efforts can and will be deemed futile.

Domination is the keyword here. But personally, this ain't negative. Perhaps Google is the way all should follow and whatever they do, they could only do better. Let's just be there and have a clear view of the developments. And if ever things would go overboard, we'll find ways to kill the robot.

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