t Half the World Away: June 2007

Tuesday, June 26

Do I Believe in Ghosts?

Let me tell you an eerie incident that happened last Sunday...

It was a dark night at the village. The rain had already stopped but heavy clouds still blanket the sky. No stars tonight, I thought. I'm clutching my girlfriend's hand as we walk the empty streets past the gloomy streetlights. We were going to our friend's house, well.. they're twins, in fact they're the AngTV twins if you'll remember. I plan to cap the night with shots of dim brandy and dimmer cola.

"Uno, Dos." I called out. "Oi Teej, Salee pasok pasok."

It's good to see your drinking buddies on a night like this. Although they weren't up for drinking, these two wont back out of an inuman, especially when their good friend Tj visits them.

"So were have you guys been to?"asked Dos. "We just shopped at the mall for a few clothes. I've been wearing rags to work lately." was my innocent reply. " Iba na talaga pag malakas kumita! Pa shopping shopping nalang."

Little did he know that I used my credit card and that I have to break my back just to pay those bills.

"So inom tayo?" True enough, the answer was an immediate "Yeah."

Now a little background on the house that we were in. It wasn't owned by the Ramirez family, they only rent it. Quite cheaply in fact. It was a two story house, pretty big on the vertical. There weren't much windows to get light in so when it is dark, it's very dark. I lived at the village for 11 or 12 years and I would be the first one to tell you that never an occupant on that very house lasted for very long. Something's just not right for them. I've seen tenants come and go leaving the place never coming back. However, the twins have lasted for quite some time. But it was only at that night where I knew the consequences of their stay. Something IS not right.. Actually it is a someone...

"Oi pare astig talaga si Michael Buble!" Dos connected his PSP on a computer speaker and put some sweet music on from our favorite crooner. "How's work killing you?" Uno asked me. "Hay nako, Tj always comes home late. He doesn't even have time for me anymore." Salee answered for me.

She's right, it's work that has a ball and chain around my neck. But I know she understands. Everything I do, I do it for the two of us, for our future. God knows it's she who I'm living for. Never I took a single breath without taking one for her.

Black Crowes are now playing. Not loud, but just right. Our soft laughter can be heard outside with nobody around to be aware of our merriment. The house around us is engulfed in darkness. Above us, chandelier-like bulbs illuminate the floor with a monotone yellow.

Safely tucked under the roof that shelter us from the cold, it was good times. Four friends sitting cross legged while visiting the memories of an exuberant past. That is until somebody decided to join in...

"Teej, may tumingin." Salee suddenly told me. She wasn't looking at me in the eye. It's as if she knows that what she saw is still staring at her, watching her every move. "Huh. Where?" "Dun sa may kitchen." A certain chill went up my spine and out of my skin. The house is haunted and I knew it.

"Ah wala yan, wag nyo pansinin. Kaibigan namin yan." Uno replied. He's been telling me about this ghost that was roaming around their house for years now. "Matagal na siya nagpapakita. Sa kwarto, sa kusina, pati dito sa sala. Sana'y na kami, wag nyo lang talaga pansinin.

Salee decided to change seats. I was now fronting the spot where she saw a head tilt, covering the body from sight. It was someone young, a head of a child.

"Ok, Ok let's drink.. I'm here to have a good time. Open another bottle please." It wasn't much of deal really. The twins are used to seeing that kind of terror, I was getting tipsy, my GF was getting tipsy as well. It was as if it never happened. On with the liquor.

We forgot about the "multo". I even went to the kitchen to get some food. The lights were on of course. Salee even went to the comfort room past the kitchen, but of course I was with her. We opened the lights but we turned it back off. On with the liquor.

Salee was now back again at the seat where she was before, completely fronting the kitchen hallway. As I was checking the playlist the unexpected happened again. "Nakita ko na naman sya!"

This time it was a man. "Alam nyo diba madilim dun sa kusina? May nakatayo na mas madilim pa, gumagalaw. Totoo na to. "I haven't seen it long enough to describe it in detail, but it was a man. At first I thought it was Dos, but I realized it was someone else." By then I knew we have to wrap it up. We were not alone in that house and apparently, they demand that we already leave. So we did.

It was still cold outside. Salee is now embraced in my arms terrified of what she'd seen. We walked the damp streets past the streetlight again towards home. But as we went farther and farther away from the damned place, the more I kept thinking of the man and the child. Were they related? Did they both die in that house? What could they possible want? They must have a story to tell.

We have heard stories like these ever since we have developed our imaginations. Are they real? I haven't seen one. But what happened last Sunday was an affirmation. It was my GF who saw it, right there when I'm around.

Maybe they do maybe they don't. You can never really tell until you've seen one...


Wednesday, June 20

Dear Hair

OK. We're gonna give this another try but this time were hoping for the Zac Efron look. We almost nailed Ashton's if not for that dimwit faggot who trimmed you neat. Very well, grow hair grow.

(sori im so mababaw)


Wednesday, June 13

Twerp, It's 10pm

I've been here at the office for 14 hours now. 8am to 10pm. Well let's deduct about an hour and 30 minutes of lunch time and yosi breaks. And when I do smoke, I stare blankly at the cloudy skies while I puff the burdens of stress away.

Carry me comfty clouds, carry me away to distant lands where the trees sway ethereal by the gentle whisks of the wind.

A light, I see a blinding light at the end of the tunnel...

Hoyyyyy!!!! Oh sorry I dozed off.

Here comes the majestic moon illuminating the purple night. I trace the stars as flickering rubies reflect radiance in my eyes...

Hoyyyyy!!!! Oh sorry I dozed off.

Its now 10pm and I'm still here. In about 10 hours I'll be here again. Worse, It's gonna be the same blog post tomorrow. I'm stressed, I have tons of work blah blah blah. I bore myself.

Anyway I have to go home now. See you tomorrow.

Citylights streamline the empty streets as I clench my jacket. It's a windy night. Exactly how my beleaguered soul feels at this very moment...

Hoyyyyy!!!! Uwi na Tristan!


Tuesday, June 12

Break On Through

Alright! It's gonna be a wonderful day. "Good morning manong guard." I ate leftover spaghetti for breakfast, I hold hot coffee in my hand, I have my rasta bag wrapped around my shoulders and best of all.. I'm not late. Let me turn on my pc, sign in to yahoo mail, messenger, hotmail, analytics and of course friendster. I'll take sip... ahhh.. Now I'm ready for the day's work. Let me see where do I start.


Jeep Shock Absorber - 300 words
Jeep Release Bearing - 300 words
Saturn Spark Plug - 300 words
Saturn Rims- 300 words


Drivebling - 50 words w/ pictures
Escadillac - 50 words w/ pictures
EBC Brakes - 500 words

Company Project

Website Content - 450 words

Side Project

UK Office Furniture - 300 words
Ergonomic Office Chairs - 300 words
Computer Desks - 300 words
Office Desks - 300 words
Executive Office Furniture - 300 words

Ouch. What is this thing sticking out of my fingertips? Oh they're my veins! Haha how cute...

So you see I won't do any sensible blogging for quite some time. I have to earn a living.

Now, although my work makes me cry in my chair where everybody sees and thinks I'm crazy which pretty much is accepted already, I completely have no protest. It pays me to hurt my lumbar.

There you go. My daily life.


Thursday, June 7

Blog Update: Voila! Nothing New

Okay let me see...

I have not posted a thing for a week now...

What have I been up to...


Oh okay. I had been watching the NBA playoffs like a mother to her child. It's as if the Cleveland Cavaliers would stop playing right dead at halfcourt and say "Hey man, Tj Cafuir ain't watchin' the game, we screwed now playa!"

So there's me and ex-sports journalist Nathan. Believe me when I say that this guy knows his stuff. "Lebron's physique is most perfect for the number 2 position. Not too big for a shooting guard and blah blah blah."

Well its really hard to do some blogging if you got Lebron James kickin' rusty Piston ass. I really hate that team. Anyways, since the live feed of the playoffs are shown in the morning, all of us Leb-heads in our office can only be updated with the game stats via the yahoo sports webpage. Yeah, yahoo shows the latest updates with short sentences like "Foul on Billups" or "James makes 1st free throw" and refreshes every 3 minutes or so. Great. We were like, "oi lamang ng 2! Chong refresh mo, refresh mo!" Very nerdy.

So after a long day at work we all went to Gutson's near Metrowalk to catch the replay. Naturally you have to have a beer in one hand as the other is fist-clenched up in the air. Lebron James is like really Jordanesque. He reminds me of the playoff series of the Bulls vs. Detroit when Michael meets the Isiah Thomas and Bill Laimbeer and blah blah blah...

Ok point established. I haven't done any writing at all. My feature article already gathered dust at the my documents folder. Beer and basketball is after all a man's weakness.

What now? Let me see. The Finals starts in a few days, I still have my savings to waste and there's cases of the "golden" Pilsen everywhere so there...

Voila, voila na nagawa...

(p.s. thanx Mikey for the pix)
(note to self: Na Spurs ka pumusta, talo Cavs dun)